School Year 2022-2023


CONTACT US AT 203-922-1311 - Shelton Student Transportation Services 

Please note the posted bus runs are as of  February 1,2023. 

Please continue to check the bus runs as new students are being added.  We encourage all students and parents to arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time at bus stops for the 1st couple of weeks of school. 


2022-2023 School Year Bus Runs

 Shelton High School

-  SHS Bus 47 IN - effective 2 1 23 

 Shelton Intermediate School 

 Shelton Intermediate and Perry Hill 

Perry Hill 


 Updated Sunnyside BUS 33 AM IN- as of 1.17.23 

 Updated Sunnyside BUS 33 PM OUT- as of 1.17.23 

 Updated Sunnyside BUS 38 PM OUT-as of 1.17.23 

 Updated Sunnyside BUS 45 AM IN- as of 1.17.23 


 Long Hill 

 Elizabeth Shelton  

 Booth Hill 


Holy Trinity 

 Emmet IN 

 Emmet Out 

 Platt In 

 Platt Out 



School Street Listing 2022-2023