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Updated 8/31/2020

The 2020-21 bus routes are subject to change due to updated student registrations / withdrawals, reallocation of buses, and other issues that impact transportation resources. Please check this information regularly during the beginning part of the school year


The Bus Routes for Emmett O'Brien, Platt Tech and Trumbull VoAg are complete.  The remainder of the Bus Routes are being finalized and will be updated, hopefully by Thursday.  Most routes are generally the same as last year except where stops might have to be added or times adjusted.  Thank you for your patience.


Emmett Obrien and PlattTech AM Routes 2020-21 

Platt Tech PM Bus Route 2020-2021 

Trumbull VoAg AM Bus Route 2020-21 

Shelton High School Bus Routes 2020-21 

SIS Bus Routes 2020-21 

Perry Hill School Bus Routes 2020-21 

SIS and Perry Hill Schools Combined Bus Routes 2020-21 

Booth Hill Bus Routes 2020-21 

Elizabeth Shelton School Bus Routes 2020-21 

Long Hill School Bus Routes 2020-21 

Mohegan School Bus Routes 2020-21 

Sunnyside School Bus Routes 2020-21 

Holy Trinity Academy Bus Route 2020-21 

School Street Listing 2020-21