Distance Learning Plan 3.0

Shelton’s Distance Learning Plan for Instructional Continuity Information for Parents and Students

“Meeting the needs of our learners with a unique approach and new ways to deliver effective instruction”



  • To maintain continuity of learning in a digital environment.
  • To maintain as many existing systems and processes to provide continuity for staff and students in a digital learning environment.
  • To maintain the requirements of the State Department of Education to provide an equitable and ongoing education.


 Teacher Expectations:

  • Be responsive to students' needs through Infinite Campus/email three times per day; (morning, mid-afternoon and late-afternoon) within their specified school’s hours.
  • Design and provide access to meaningful learning experiences based on District standards and curriculum

○    Posting all materials and instructions through Infinite Campus daily.

  • Collaborate with special education staff/support services and TESOL (co-teacher or case manager) as necessary

○    Special education staff and TESOL can provide direct instruction and modifications

  • Monitor student progress and provide on-going feedback.
  • Provide continuous assessment with grading, no later than two weeks after the student submits the assignment.


 Student  Expectations:

  • Take responsibility for your learning.
  • Participate in the learning by completing assigned work and responding to your teacher’s posts or requests for feedback.
  • Ask your teacher for help if you are confused by a lesson or feel like you are falling behind.
  • Be thoughtful, kind and digitally responsible in your online communications with your peers and teachers.




  • Attendance will be taken daily through IC.
  • Teachers will communicate to their students their means by which they account for their students daily attendance.
  • Please email the teacher if your child cannot participate on a given day or days.
  • Three or more consecutive absences will be reported to administration to help ensure access and family well-being
  • Reach out to your teacher if there are any other concerns.


NEW - End- of -Year District Initiative Drive Bys

Please save the following dates, rain or shine. Details to follow.



June 8 - Sunnyside


June 9 - Long Hill


June 10 - ESS


June 11 - Mohegan


June 12 - Booth Hill


June 15 - Perry Hill


June 16 - SIS June 17 - SHS



  • Note: no distance learning will occur on the designated date for a particular school.





  • UPDATE Distance learning school hours will occur during your student’s typical school hours. Beginning on May 27th, all staff will be participating in a 3-hour per day Professional Learning during the morning hours on May 27th, June 3rd and June 10th. The time for Professional Learning is scheduled 9-12. This timeframe should be naturally worked into the school day hours at the different individual levels. Students should take this time on the Wednesday mornings to assess where they are in their work, catch up on assignments, and/or take time as needed.
  • We recognize the need for family schedule flexibility during these unprecedented times.

Please communicate with your child’s teacher as needed.

  • UPDATE All teachers are expected to be available online on a daily basis, Monday through Friday. (except for Wednesday between the hours of 9-12 on May 27th, June

3rd and June 10th)

  • As we move to distance learning, we will continue to follow the academic school year calendar.
  • We are now allowing teachers/staff to conduct one on one live video sessions. Teachers b and support staff should begin using Google Meets with students on an individual basis, when necessary, on April 20, 2020. Please refer to the district communication regarding family and student expectations during live video sessions:

○    Expectations  during  Live  Video  Sessions





Grade Level




Daily Time Duration


Grades K




40 minutes



Science/Social Studies


30 minutes



Art, Library Media, Music, & PE


15 minutes once a week



Grades 1 - 4




50 minutes



Science/Social Studies


25 minutes



Art, Library Media, Music, & PE


20 minutes once a week





Grades 5 - 6




60 minutes



Science/Social Studies


45 minutes



Art/Music-  3  times  a  week  per



45 minutes



Physical Education/Health-  2 times

 a week per  schedule


45 minutes



Library Media


45 minutes



Grades 7 - 12


All subjects per student schedule


45 minutes per subject


Parent Resources:



If you have any questions, concerns or needs, please do not hesitate to contact:


The Office of Teaching and Learning:

Kenneth D. Saranich, Assistant. Superintendent-  ksaranich@sheltonpublicschools.org


Victoria White, Supervisor of Teaching and Learning- Humanities-



Gavriela Ziu-Pires, Supervisor of Teaching and Learning- STEM-




Staff, parents and students- in the event that you need technology assistance, please contact the technology center: Email:  helpdesk@sheltonpublicschools.org

Dr. Smith's Message 7/24/2020

Shelton Superintendent Search Invitation to participate in Focus Groups and Survey