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  • Early Release Dates and K-4 Parent Teacher Conferences

    All PreK - Grade 12 students will observe Early Release Day Schedules on Tuesday, October 25th and Friday, November 4th. Please check your individual school's  "planned early dismissal" schedules for student "arrival home" times posted on the district's calendar.

    Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Grades PreK - 4 on the evenings of Monday, October 24th and Thursday, November 3rd. If you have not done so already please contact your child(ren)'s school for further information regarding Parent Teacher Conferences.


Superintendent’s Message


Office of the Superintendent


October 2016

Dear Families,

Halloween seems to be a month-long event these days. The fear and anxiety regarding dangerous clowns is now an issue, fueled mostly by social media. Together we all need to handle this with your usual mix of good judgment, common sense and empathy. I spoke with the Chief of Police this morning. This unease regarding clowns is based on rumor, he notes. There have been no credible sightings of people in clown costumes in Shelton!

*please remember how secure our schools are
*and how well supervised our recess (where applicable) and arrival/dismissals are

And again, we are in regular contact with the Shelton Police who report NO sightings of clowns; these clown-themed online rumors and threats are being tracked by police. While we can’t be dismissive of these fears, especially on the part of our children, let’s remind them that parents, teachers and the police are working together to keep them safe! The truth is that many children around the nation are being frightened by these rumors, and a lot of people do feel uneasy about clowns (before these rumors). Let’s acknowledge that and reassure our children!

If anyone in a clown costume does come onto any school campus, we will call the police immediately.

We may indeed have to deal with pranksters who have poor taste, but together we’ll get through it!

Let’s all take a deep breath and communicate with each other, in a calm, rational way.

Thank you.

Chris Clouet

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  • Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC) Letter/CSDE Parent Guide

    Students' individual Smarter Balanced Assessment results will be sent home on Friday October 7th.

    For a copy of the letter, including a link to the Connecticut State Department of Education's parent guides, please click the attachments below.

    Shelton Public Schools
  • Word of the Week Invite

    Click on the attached file to read the Word of the Week invitation to the community

    Shelton Public Schools
  • CTPrepares

    The State of Connecticut has launched a new mobile app to provide Connecticut residents with emergency alerts and other useful resources. The app, called CTPrepares, can be downloaded for FREE from the iTunes Apple Store for Apple devices and Google Play for Android devices. The app allows residents to communicate with family members during an emergency and provides real-time notifications including emergency news, state office closings, public safety messages and up-to-the-minute information for residents. It also locates Connecticut Emergency Management contacts and provides emergency preparation guides. For more information, click on the attached PDF.

    Shelton Public Schools
  • Presentation

    Click the link below to view the Powerpoint Presentation - OPIOID 101 - presented on 5-9-16 at SIS through community collaboration of SPSS, SPD, VSAAC, PTO Alliance, & Youth Service Bureau.

    Shelton Public Schools

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