Project Exc-EL



What is Project Exc-EL?

Project Exc-EL is an enhanced, comprehensive design that addresses the unique and urgent needs of schools and districts with EL populations– districts that are struggling to provide a comprehensive, rigorous education for the newest members of their communities.  The project employs a data-driven, tiered approach to instruction that builds on community partnerships to create personalized, expanded learning opportunities for students.   The core philosophy is one of enriched activities and wrap around supports focused on success for each student.  Individualized, personalized learning plans and a tiered system of interventions, based on academic achievement as well as social-emotional, behavioral and cultural needs, will be used to track and adjust student activities.

Partners in Project Exc-EL

  • UCLA Center X
  • CSSR- Center for Secondary School Redesign
  • Boys and Girls Club, Shelton, CT
  • Plumb Library, Shelton, CT


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