Continuum of Special Education Services


Each of our schools in Shelton provides a continuum of services to students with Disabilities.  Below are supports availed to eligible students as determined by the student's individiual team:


Section 504 Plans:  Accommodation plans reserved for those students with identified impairments which limit the student from typical school functioning.  School counselors serve as 504 case managers and committee chairs.


Individualized Education Plans (IEPs):  Service plans written for students who have been identified as having a disability and requiring special education services.  These plans include Present Levels of Performance Information, Goals and Objectives for student progress, Accommodations and Modifications available to the student, District and State Testing Accommodations, Special Education and Related Services, and Transition Planning for post-high school preparation.  These plans are designed by the Planning and Placement Team (PPT), which includes a general educator, a special educator, an administrator, parents, and relevant support services personnel.


Continuum of Services available to Students with IEP:  Each IEP is individually designed to meet the needs of each student.  The PPT makes recommendations for the most appropriate provision of services depending on a student's present level of performance socially, emotionally, academically, medically, motorically, and linguistically.


Click below for the most common service designs provided to students in special education, but does not serve as an exhaustive list of service designs.


Least to Most Restrictive Supports within Shelton Public Schools Special Education Continuum.pdf 


Related Services:  Related services are services that are intended to assist a student in better accessing his or her special education services, and are secondary to special education services.  Examples of related services include Speech-Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Counseling, Modified Physical Education, and Transportation.


Special Programs:  Shelton has multiple programs in district that are specialized for students with intensive needs.  These programs are staffed with individuals who have expertise to provide for students who may require more comprehensive and global services and supports than most students with IEPs.  These programs were created in order for Shelton students to remain in the Least Restrictive Environment, either in their home school or in another school within the community.  Our current special programs in district include:


  • PreKindergarten - Housed at Mohegan School, this program is designed for 3-5 year olds who require special education services.  A number of spots within the program are reserved for "typical peers" who are non-disabled 3-5 year old students who are members of the PreK classrooms.  An application and screening process for typical peers takes place each late winter and spring.

  • Life Skills - A K-12 program, Life Skills is designed for students who have global developmental delays.  Students who participate in the life skills program require intensive instructions in academics, language, activities of daily living, motor/sensory, and vocational studies.  The K-4 Life Skills program is housed at Long Hill School, and 5-12 programs at their respective schools.

  • Therapeutic Learning Center - A K-12 program, the Therapeutic Learning Center is designed for students who have significant social, emotional, and behavioral delays.  Students who participate in this program require intensive social skills and counseling supports, as well as academic, language, motor, and vocational.  The K-4 Therapeutic Learning Center program is housed at Booth Hill School, and 5-12 programs at their respective schools.

  • Alternative Learning Centers 1 and 2 - A K-4 program, the Alternative Learning Center is designed for students who have significant linguistic, social, behavioral, and motor delays.  Students who participate in this program require intensive language and behavioral supports, as well as a very structured and routine environment.  The Alternative Learning Centers are housed at Elizabeth Shelton School and Sunnyside School.

  • Transition Program - A high school program connected to Shelton High, this program is designed for 18-21 year old students who require additional services in vocational, independent living, and/or post-secondary education/training.  This program is housed at the Board of Education Offices.  Students participate in work and social experiences within the community, as well as individualized instruction to prepare for post-secondary education, independent living, and job-site skills.



Specialized Programs Presentation

Board of Education - October 26, 2017

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