2014-2015 BUDGET BOOK




  • Introduction:  Superintendents letter to the Mayor (which details the cost of ADK) and the Table of Contents.  

  • Section 1:  This section puts the information in the format required by the Board of Aldermen.  

  • Section 2:  Superintendents Final Recommendation.

  • Section 3:  The Case for All Day Kindergarten.

  • Section 4:  The details of Administrator and Teacher Salaries and Stipends.  

  • Section 5:  The details of Classified (non-Certified) Staff Salaries.  

  • Section 6:  The details of the proposed budget at the object level; it is VERY detailed.  

  • Section 7:  Restates the Rollover Budget at the building or Cost Center level.  

  • Section 8:  Assorted information such as Enrollment information, the Strategic School Profile, information about Shelton's spending vs. ability to pay and an explanation about unfunded mandates.