2013-2014 BUDGET BOOK


Entire 2013-2014 Budget Book


Introduction and Section 1

This section includes the Superintendent’s cover letter, the Table of Contents, and the “required budget forms” that enable the elected officials to gather the same information, in the same format, from each of the city departments.


Section 2

This section includes the Superintendent’s presentation of the recommended budget to the Board of Education.  It describes the areas in which the BOE proposes to allocate its resources.


Section 3

This section provides the rosters and salary schedules for Administrators and Teachers.


This section provides the rosters and salary schedules for Classified staff.


This section provides school/cost center individual expenses, 2011-12 actual expenditures, 2012-13 budget, Year-to-date expenses thru 12/31/12, the “rollover” budget amount and the “Superintendent/BOE program improvement Recommendation”.


This section provides the proposed Superintendent/B.O.E. budget allocation for the 2013-14 school year deliniated by school or cost center.  It also includes the enrollment by school and the number of teachers and other employees by type.


This section provides information about B.O.E business practices and the detailed calculations of the amounts budgeted for Social Security/Medicare and Merit Pension.


This section provides a broad range of information including enrollment, an analysis of the most recent district level “Strategic School Profile”, comparisons of Shelton funding levels compared to the state, reference group averages and a compilation of “unfunded mandates”

2013-14 Budget Book