About the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)  


On July 7, 2010, with a unanimous vote, the State Board of Education adopted new national academic standards, know as the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in English language arts and mathematics (Common Core State Standards) that will establish what Connecticut's public school students should know and be able to do as they progress through Grades K-12.


The CCSS were designed to consist of fewer, clearer and higher-level standards; to be aligned with college and work expectations; to include rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher order thinking skills; to build upon the strengths and lessons of current state standards; to be internationally benchmarked so that all students will be prepared to succeed in our global economy; and to be based on evidence and research.


The English language arts standards require that students systematically develop literacy skills and understandings through reading, writing, speaking and listening.  For Grades 6-12, there is also a set of standards for English language arts in the content areas.  The mathematics standards are designed to focus on developing students' understanding of mathematical concepts and acquisition of fundamental reasoning habits, in addition to fluency skills.


The newly adopted national standards will provide guidance to local curriculum committees as they develop grade-by-grade and course level expectations and as they engage in secondary school reform as required by P.A. 10-111.


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